Sunday, November 7, 2010

Barta Waterfall

Many natural treasures are to be found close to Bonga: natural bridges, waterfalls, wild coffee growing in the forests, panoramic views. All you need is good walking boots and the desire to walk in the presence of one or more local guides, who are the heart of the landscape. Exploring Bonga and the Kafa region without them would be not only unimaginable, but also devoid of any fun. A helping hand and their good spirits are the locals’ greatest gift!

Barta Waterfall can be reached after a 45 minute-walk through a mild scenery of green forests, pastures, small rivers to be crossed and, at the right moment of the season, red, refreshing wild strawberries to cheer you up during the trip.

enjoying by Jan Schormann

playing by Jan Schormann

The foamy Milky Way by Jan Schormann

Once you are faced with the image of the falling water, you get a first incentive of how surprising the area is: an impressive view combined with the feeling of coziness and familiarity. When you get close to the waterfall, the wind quickly blows the sparkling water onto your traveler’s outfit. This refreshing shower also touches the beautiful flowers near the waterfall, making them shine to the delight of the beholder, be it a professional photographer or just a nature-lover.

Flower near waterfall by Jan Schormann

In the sunny days you can also meet youngsters around the waterfall, in search for a place to enjoy the sun and the closeness of water. Don’t be shy, because they will gladly share the landscape with you. If you are a girl, the young boys would be more than thrilled to have photos with you; if you’re a man equipped with a camera, they will become discreet but helpful assistants of your activity.

We also took some photos of the Barta Waterfall with a long exposure time. Sometimes I find these images a bit too artificial for my taste, but this time I couldn’t escape making comparisons: the whiteness of the foamy water reminded me of the white textiles the Kafa women wear around their shoulders. The falling water, seen through the lens of the photographer, resembles a bride’s wedding veil, or a foamy Milky Way that dared to exchange night for day.
Nature in Kafa bears strong roots to the sky above and the people of the place...

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