Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CO-LAB Editions 5 with Andrés Galeano and Maurice Block

Co-Lab Editions 5: Andrés Galeano (ESP/DE) and Maurice Block (NL/FIN) performing at SAVVY Contemporary
Curator: Marcio Carvalho
Sunday, the 6th of November 2011

Co-Lab Editions No. 5 brought together two performance artists whose different approaches created a space for intellectual dialogue and artistic collaboration. Throughout their performance Andrés Galeano and Maurice Block explored the theme of flight and its potential meanings and usages: the ideal of leaving the ground, the consciousness of falling, and the poetics and politics at stake when seeing the world from above.

Andrés Galeano explored and displayed the transformations and variations taken by a particular shape, specifically a cone-shaped paper form used for drinking water. Galeano's performance dealt with this form through a collection of images, playing with their placement and selection. Visual associations, mixed with the artist's precise selection of material are offered to the public as modes of contemplation.

In contrast to the more subtle nuances of Galeano's images, Maurice Block's performance sought out a more straight forward, unmediated contact within the same theme. The artist's use of both his own physicality and the limited physicality of objects lent a sense of risk and humour to the evening. Block reminded us that one has to embrace falling, breaking, and failing when fully exploring themes of flying.

The performance also played with recording and documenting in real time. A small video camera acted as an umbilical chord between the two artists and allowed the viewer to follow their actions without necessarily being in the same room with them. A sense of connection and at the same time, a meditation upon the processes involved were taking shape.

To view the online collaboration between the 2 artists, please follow the link:

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