Monday, October 15, 2012

'0 Grad'-It's not Berliner weather, it's art!

Small, private galleries make up the humus for a creative atmosphere in Neukölln. Kartüche is not only part of the local bohemia, but manages to put a small corner of the borough on a larger map.

The Kartüche gallery opened its exhibition last weekend with graphic works by the South Korean artist Kwanyoung Jung, metal sculptures and etchings by German-Tunisian blacksmith Latifa Sayadi. Jung's poetical, abstract landscapes are minutely drawn line compositions. His large format canvases play with ideas of multitude, repetition and perspective. At first fascinated by their monochrome palette, you soon discover they change their reflection, like water or mirrors do.
Verrückt, Sayadi's thin, metal sculpture playfully inhabits the centre of the second room. What makes a normally rigid-looking object playful? This one slightly bends when you get closer. And there you have it: movement ('rücken') and the state of being crazy ('verrückt') in one! It is not the first time Latifa Sayadi's forms play with words (see Geträumte Eindrücke or L'Impasse de la Liberté). The rest is yours to discover.
“This exhibition could have taken placed anywhere: in Berlin-Mitte or London”, said a visitor I couldn't help overhearing. And this was, no doubt, a compliment paid to good art.

'0 Grad'
October 5-November 3, 2012
Wed-Sat: 3-6 pm and by app.
kARTüche Gallery, Leykestr. 17a, Berlin

Exhibition views with Hügel by Kwanyoung Jung and Verrückt by Latifa Sayadi

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