Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Berlin Lacht! and so do we!

And Berlin Lacht smiles... so beautifully!
Thank you all!

Last August I started taking pictures at Berlin Lacht 2013 - the International Street Theatre Festival in Alexanderplatz.

Where half a million people demonstrated for freedom and democracy in November 1989 there are now artists and musicians, crowds of clapping spectators, tents and stages, a world of magic, playfulness, creativity and freedom.

The photos are bacsktage moments reflecting the inner beauty of the artists and the radiance of their creativity. An attempt to prolong their presence, to catch a strong character, to ravel in their mystery, to celebrate their joy and craziness!
Moments of coming together during parties and portraits taken shortly after they finished a performance.
This year´s instant pictures fit even better the world of spectacle and magic: direct, spontaneous, full of surprise, ephemeral, unique!

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