Saturday, September 12, 2009

Human!nature grows on you! Foto Ausstellung, Berlin 2009

Human! nature grows on you! took place on the 27th and 28th of June 2009, within the frames of the 48-Stunden Neukölln Festival. The general theme of the Festival was Man, City and Nature with a particular focus on Neukölln as a growing and inspiring art scene in Berlin (Humus Neukölln).

Human!nature grows on you! was envisaged and performed as a double-event:
- the exhibition itself, housed inside a blacksmith´s Studio where the photos shared the company of Latifa Sayadi´s forged sculptures
- the polaroid photo shooting Session which took place in the courtyard outside the Studio.

I took Polaroid photos of visitors, guests and friends in front of a small tree in the inner yard and then I hanged the photos in the tree, hence the title and word switch for this live event: Nature! human grows on you! My aim was to make the viewer actively take part in the creation of an image and to make us re-discover the surprise of having a photo developing before our eyes.

For me polaroid photography is about the surprise of the moment, the image that gradually emerges, the photo that cannot be worked on afterwards, the indelible moment!

My exhibition tried to encompass and express my love for photography, how both nature and the city grew on me, the idea of human growth, change and becoming, as well as the strong communion between people and nature.

I thank Latifa for sharing her working place with me.
I thank all my friends, visitors and guests who honoured me with their presence and support.

Latifa am Start

J&I am Start

Anne und Andi bei der Foto Ausstellung

Mit Freunden

Bena, Carlos, Ioana und die Polaroid Kamera

Polaroid Foto Session

Im Hof der Polaroidbaum wartet auf Besuchern
Nature! human grows on you!

In der Werkstatt, mit Besuchern aus Amerika und Costa Rica

Unter den Bildern

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