Saturday, September 11, 2010

“Bonga is closer to the sky”

“Bonga is closer to the sky” Seyoum, our driver, said about the place. And it seemed to be so: the cloud forest was all around us; in the morning you would wake up having the clouds in your garden; when it rained you could see the clouds hovering gently but determined above you; in the evening you drove through the clouds, getting in and out of them.

But Bonga not only seemed to be higher, it was! What puts Bonga in a higher place is the people you can only meet here and with whom you learn to share: spicy meals, strong coffee and good spirits. The Kafa people give you a comforting feeling: the feeling of protection. When somebody holds your hand to help you cross a river, jump over a puddle or walk through gliding mud securely, you feel your feet heavy but your heart light: it’s the effect of companionship! These companions make sure you walk safely, with your feet deep into mud, your head in the clouds and your heart in the right place! Here, in the Bonga cloud forest, it’s only natural – and it happens many times throughout the day – to have your head in the clouds.

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