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I am a freelance cultural journalist & art historian living in Berlin, interested in writing and photography with in-between breaks of coffee and tango. 
I studied journalism, communication and visual arts in Bucharest and enjoyed a 2-year scholarship (2003-2005) at the European College of Liberal Arts (presently Bard College in Berlin). 
Early 2016 I completed a second Master (art history with focus on Africa) at the Freie Universität, Berlin. 
My collaborations include Berlin Urban Adventures in the field of cultural tourism, the National Museum of Art, Bucharest, Young Arts Neukölln, Berlin in the field of arts and education, the DeGruyter Künstler Lexikon, the SAVVY Contemporary Gallery, the Nlele Institute – African Centre for Photography,, the webzine, Bucharest for cultural journalism.

You can see more of my photos at:

Previous photo exhibitions:

08.2016 Preview of my on going series "Bohemians in Berlin" and "On and Off the ground" (at ILLAY's, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

24-26.06.2014 Local and global revolutionaries, Oblomov, Berlin (48-Stunden Neukölln Festival).

May 2014 The "here-and-now" revolution, open-air instant-photography, (Ortstermin in Moabit-Berlin).  

25.09.2013 group exhibition during the Opening of The Factory (arts center at the Bard College, Berlin).

14-16.06.2013 Wonderlust, Froschkönig (Literatur & Piano Bar), 48-Stunden Neukölln Festival 2013.

1-21.03.2013 Wonderlust1, “Where is Jesus” Art-Cafe, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

23 June 2012 Photo-projection in open space during “Summernightsdream II-You don't need eyes to see, you need vision”, Radarstation Teufelsberg, Berlin.

28 January 2012 Photo-projection and installation: Final Presentation for “The Visual in the Performative”. Workshop with performance artist Nikhil Chopra in collab. with the International Research Centre “Interweaving Performance Cultures”, Freie Univ., Berlin.

25.06.2011 Open-air exhibition during “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, Wiesenburg, Berlin.

27-28.06.09 Human!Nature grows on you!, 48-Stunden Neukölln Festival, Berlin.

08.02.2009 Sight is Light. A Reprise, BuG Studio, Berlin.

02.2009 Sight is Light, European College of Liberal Arts (now Bard College in  Berlin).

17.10.2007 Star Dust, group-exhibition, Green Hours Gallery, Bucharest.

17.07 – 05.08.2007 Wondering EYE/ wandering I, Green Hours, Bucharest.

06.2005 Con-Tours, European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA, now Bard College in Berlin).

06.2004 Windows, European College of Liberal Arts, (ECLA, now Bard College in Berlin.  

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