Urban Art/Mauerblümchen (October 2013)

Photo exhibition by Daniel Lamas (DE/PE) and Ioana Muntenescu (RO)
5 October -25 October 2013

Location: Caffe degli Artisti, Fidicinstr. 44 (Berlin-Kreuzberg)

Curator: Claudia Lamas Cornejo
Event Management: Julia Goth

My photos deal with the space I find myself in, which
is most of the time the city. The city as an alternation
of wanderings and stations, of times of searching and
moments of respite. Through and beyond its architecture,
I sometimes discover Berlin as an impalpable city, a mood
attached to a place. A city which is alive and growing on
The collection exhibited here is just a small part of my
project of taking instant photos on the streets of Berlin
which I started this summer.
For me the instant picture is about the surprise of the moment.
And the waiting time while the image gradually appears...
It can also be about enjoying and sharing these with the
person I photographed.
It is the gift of an indelible moment you cannot correct,
beautify, enhance afterwards! It´s a kind of magic...

See also:

preparations before the vernissage

the wall spot with instant pictures

At the Vernissage. Polaroid by Lucian Spatariu

Watch a selection of exhibition views here:

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