Ortstermin. 24-25 May 2014 (Moabit, Berlin)

The "here-and-now" revolution
Saturday-Sunday, 2.30-7 pm
Ottopark, Moabit, Berlin

In times of digital photography and overuse of mobile phone cameras I draw our attention to the instant picture. 
Its beauty: the uniqueness of the moment which you don´t want to change or correct afterwards. The photo gradually develops itself in front of your eyes. it´s a moment of wonder and surprise.
There is no negative of the picture, only a positive!
The emerging photograph is not only an image, but also an object you can touch and exhibit.
The instant picture doesn´t seek perfection, but liveliness and uniqueness.
This is the "small revolution" I propose in the public space: a revolution of seeing, of rediscovering photography beyond technique. Photography as magic!
A shared experience of being "here-and-now".

Here are some of the instant pictures I took in the open air. Enjoy!

Please click on the photos below to view them better. Thanks!

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